Suntan Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor-Class X2 Introduction

Suntan Technology Company Limited

—All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan provide few kinds of X2 film capacitors, including standard X2 capacitors TS08H Series, Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) type of X2 TS08HT Series, and X2 film capacitors for Capacitive Divider TS08A Series. Among them, TS08H is the most widely used, and TS08HT & TS08A also have their own users. Welcome to check below website with datasheet for more item details, we look forward to your contact. Thank you.

Suntan SeriesBrief IntroductionSuntan Website Information
TS08HStandard X2 Film Capacitors
TS08HTTemperature Humidity Bias (THB) type of X2
TS08AFilm Capacitors X2 for Capacitive Divider


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