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We are excited to introduce Suntan’s High Frequency Solid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors. These products demonstrate exceptional performance and reliability in a variety of applications. Our range of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors includes the following three products, each with its unique advantages and features.

Product Features


This capacitor is renowned for its ultra-low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and high-frequency performance. Key features include:

  • Ultra-low ESR: This means the capacitor experiences less loss in high-frequency applications, resulting in higher efficiency.
  • High-frequency performance: Ideal for applications requiring high-frequency operations, such as power supplies and high-performance circuits.


This capacitor is designed for low ESR and high-frequency performance. Key features include:

  • Low ESR: This ensures the capacitor can operate more effectively in high-frequency environments, suitable for various electronic applications.
  • High-frequency performance: Suitable for high-frequency environments, offering stable performance and reliability.


This SMD Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor is designed for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Key features include:

  • Polymer aluminum solid design: Provides excellent performance and stability.
  • Suitable for SMD applications: Specifically designed for surface mounting, making it easy to integrate into modern electronic devices.

Application Areas

These solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors excel in the following areas:

  • Power Supplies: Provide stable and efficient current output.
  • High-performance circuits: Suitable for applications requiring high frequency and low ESR.
  • Modern electronic devices: The SMD design makes it easy to integrate into various electronic products.

Why Choose Suntan?

As a leading manufacturer of electronic components, Suntan is dedicated to offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Our range of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors not only provides outstanding performance but also meets the needs of various applications. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

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